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Write2Excel seeks to facilitate & deliver value to "The Learning Process". We work with Academic Institutions and Faculty to help improve student learning, by providing Student Learning Outcomes Management Services.In a unique offering of its kind, we offer expert TA and assessment advisory services, on a pay-as-you-use basis, to help you benefit from our expertise and responsive services at a fraction of their cost!

In an ideal world, learning would be one-on-one, and the faculty and the students would have ample time to interact with each other. There are, of course, obvious limitations in the existing set-up. To be honest, even the most dedicated faculty may find it extremely difficult to sit through a large number of their students' writing assignments/reports/tests and provide them with a detailed review of their work. There are some not-so-optimal options out there, e.g., sticking with objective type papers or group projects or simply cutting down on the numbers of writing assignments. These, however, detract from practising the students in their critical thinking and problem-solving skills adequately.

We seek to make this necessary interactive process more efficient, by providing them faculty with virtual TAs, who do exactly what they would have their physical TAs do on the campus, and more! In fact, our experience has been that we do this better, in terms of the long term association that we have developed in the past with our client faculty and the gradual accumulation of expertise and understanding to work closely in sync with individual faculty requirements.

Extending Faculty Reach: Write2Excel works with faculty to overcome just these issues. We would like to stress this aspect, so as to remove any misapprehensions on this account; we provide expert assistance to faculty to meet their primary objectives and facilitating aspects of the student learning process that they find difficult to manage, sometimes even with the help of their research assistants, who may not be available on a continuing basis.Write2Excel aims to work with faculty on a continuing basis, while also using this opportunity to develop and improve metrics and the feedback process, in the longitudinal context.

The Issue of Large Student Numbers: Many institutions today are forced to go in for larger class sizes to provide high quality instruction to more students (with their valuable, but limited, faculty resources).Write2Excel is ideally placed to help mitigate exactly these this issues that Institutions are oftentimes faced with; especially, in the compulsory core courses that may be handled by key faculty resources. We have experience of working with course enrolment sizes ranging from 600 students to up to 2,000 students taking writing core courses together. Our expert team of assessors is trained to provide feedback that is of uniform quality, closely relating to faculty-approved benchmarks and standards, in line with the faculty objectives, teaching philosophy and curriculum.

Not just this. In order to provide greater value to the student learning process, we also endeavour to update the faculty about any aspect that deserves their attention: these could be student papers that come up with interesting interpretations of issues under consideration, or a very well argued analysis that the faculty may like to showcase to others, or even cases which possibly need closer remedial assistance on a continuing basis from Institutional resources. We maintain continuing interaction with the faculty, keeping them closely tied in with the feedback and assessment process.

Providing Online Assistance to Needy/Weak students: We also have experience in providing online assistance to needy students in a programme or course. This is a critical academic aspect that is sometimes underemphasized at Institutions. We can help Institutions in meeting these critical and desirable social objectives in a more economic and efficient manner. In this too, we provide the best qualified resources at our disposal. Our team of assessors that works on these initiatives is the same that has experience and expertise working with our international clients.

Confidentiality: We work with Institutions and Faculty and, generally, avoid any direct contact with students, except in an online assistance centre environment. Utmost confidentiality is maintained in our work. We follow the standard norms as applicable through U.S. FERPA regulations (as a universal standard in absence of any clear domestic regulations in many countries).We are happy to work with your Institution, closely adhering to your confidentiality, privacy and impartiality norms.

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